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Right Light Window Coverings Ltd.

Controlling light

A design challenge and opportunity, discover window treatments that will meet your needs. Our shades are inspected, assembled and pretested, and then professionally installed to function perfectly. Featuring a myriad of patterns and colours, we will have a solution to meet your specifications.



Perfect for commercial or residential windows and doors, vertical blinds are quite versatile. Angled slats allow partial privacy or, pulled half way back, can allow a partial barrier. For sizable windows or patio doors, this is a great option and gives a clean, classic look. A variety of standard colours and textures allow you to match your decor.


Horizontal or venetian blinds offer just the right look with options of colour and texture, thin or wide slats, and a fashionable finish. Suitable for all window types, variable light and privacy with partially angled control is a popular choice. Coordinate with your existing style, or take a look at our samples for a fresh, new feel.

Solar Shades

Transform a room for your purpose. Control light for privacy and blackout or for maximum light with silhouette features. Choose fabric to blend with your decor and customize it with openness factors of 1% to 10% for many options. Operation can be a light touch, or ask us about remote control. From maximum light allowance for bright filtration to maximum light opacity to protect sensitive material, custom shades will give you exceptional quality and value.

Privacy Curtains

Privacy curtains and track or cubicle curtains and barriers are available in many standard shades and textures to complement your decor. They are washable and standards compliant, and are provided in flame retardant fabrics. We will measure and install to ensure a perfect fit. Contact us to see samples of the options.

Meeting Rooms

Specific purpose rooms require special attention. Talk to us about your requirements and we can make suggestions on versatility and value. Filter light, improve comfort, provide darkened conditions for screen presentations, and use remote control options. We are here to help you make the most effective decision.








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